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Bespoke Classroom Training

As well as bespoke e-learning being on offer, WTS offers bespoke training on a range of topics for individual companies and trade bodies.

This type of training allows courses to be tailored to the requirements of specific organisations and allows training to be carried out at that organisation's premises.

Bespoke training that is offered face-to-face and 'virtual' using one of a number of platforms, can offer a number of benefits to those organisations wishing to train several members of staff at the same time. this can give benefits to both the trainee and employer.

Trainee Benefits:

  • Training without distraction in a group setting
  • Opportunity to interact with those with similar backgrounds
  • Change of environment to aid concentration on the topic
  • An interactive environment

Employer Benefits:

  • Content can be tailored to specific needs
  • Ensures a consistent level of training to staff
  • Encourages interaction between staff in a team environment
  • Can be help at the employer's site or at a remote location
  • Can be carried out as part of planned meeting days

The topics that can be covered by this type of training include:

  • The Implications of the Duty of Care
  • Hazardous Waste Legislation
  • Understanding Environment Agency Guidance on the Coding and Classification of Hazardous Wastes
  • The Completion of Duty of Care and Hazardous Waste Documentation
  • Continuing Competence for WAMITAB purposes
  • Management of Healthcare Wastes
  • The Management of Controlled Wastes

We have delivered training on these topics for organisations including:

  • The Oil Recycling Association
  • The Northern Ireland Environment Agency
  • Tradebe UK
  • Safetykleen UK
  • Premier Waste
  • HW Martin
  • Scottish and Southern Electricity
  • Interserve
  • Malary Environment Services

This is an ideal solution for organisations needing training to be tailored to their needs.

Please contact us for further details.

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