Healthcare Wastes: Segregation for Effective and Efficient Management

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Healthcare Wastes: Segregation for Effective and Efficient Management, Price: £84

Subject: Waste Management

Price: £84

An independent report has estimated that the NHS could save £5.5M per year through more cost-effective wastes management, while the Royal College of Nursing has recommended that all staff involved in handling healthcare wastes should be given training in the risks associated with healthcare waste, its segregation, handling, storage and collection: This two-module course identifies the key characteristics of healthcare wastes and how to segregate them for cost-efficient management.
It is intended to help all those who manage/handle healthcare wastes to understand the colour-coding system so that wastes management can be undertaken safely, effectively and in a cost-efficient manner. It does not address issues relating to wastes definition, nor to the coding and classifying of wastes. Such information can be found within our other on-line courses.
In Module 1 we provide an overview of the key characteristics of infectious, cytotoxic/cytostatic, medicinal, offensive/hygiene, non-hazardous and sharps wastes, and we introduce the colour-coding system.

Module 2 then summarises the principles and practice of the colour-coding system and its use.

The course material is supported by A FactSheet that can be printed for easy reference.

Upon successful completion of the multiple-choice tests at the end of each module you will be able to download a course completion certificate. 


1 - HC115

2 - HC215

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