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Completion of Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes, Price: £108

Subject: Waste Management

Price: £108

This course takes you through the information requirements of a hazardous waste consignment note on a step-by-step basis. It has been updated to reflect changes in the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 and now also covers waste rejection procedures, as well as changes to premises/ producer registration that were introduced in 2016. In addition, it provides information on the process for allocating 6-digit codes from the European Waste Catalogue. In doing this course you will learn about:
  • how we define hazardous waste and some common examples;
  • the structure and use of the European Waste Catalogue, including the relevance of 'absolute', 'mirror', and 'non-hazardous' entries;
  • the 'hierarchy of use' with respect to using chapters one to twenty in allocating six-digit codes;
  • hazardous waste producer registration requirements; and
  • the information requirements of parts A to E of a hazardous waste consignment note and how to complete them

Upon completion of the course (having passed the multiple-choice tests at the end of each module) you will be able to download your course completion certificate. This certificate will help to demonstrate that you have acted in a way that is 'reasonable' to comply with legal controls.

As a result of changes introduced in April 2016 a second FactSheet provides updated information relating to the scrapping of hazardous waste producer registration within England. For those who operate in Wales, the original content and FactSheet remain valid.

The course is available through all commonly-used web browsers while users may derive benefit from the use of headphones, though this is not essential.

An end of module test must be passed before progressing to the next module and for each module the pass mark has been set at 65% and upon successful completion of the course, a certificate will be available to download and to keep for record purposes.

We hope that you enjoy the e-learning experience!


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